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At Furry Friends Laundry Mat, we take pride in offering excellent care of your furry friends belongings. Say farewell to laundry hassles as we gladly take on the dirty work, allowing you to cherish more quality time with your beloved canine companions. Trust us wholeheartedly to be your dedicated partner in ensuring a clean and safe environment for your precious pets laundry needs.

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Is to be able to have all types of animal clients from pet owners, groomers, shelters to farm animals and more

  • Are you sick of smelly Laundry?
  • Are you sick of hair in the washer and dryer?
  • Are you sick of the excessive hair stuck on your clothes?

Well you have come to the right place. We are here to help pet owners with their pets laundry so that owners do not have to deal with all the essive dirty hair cloggin the washer or smelly laundry lingering in the air.

This is

What we Accept

Towels, Blankets and Pet Clothing

Machine-Washable stuffed Toys

Small pet beds or bed covers


WeProvide The Best for your Pets

Pickup and Delivery

$20 a load

At our pet laundry mat, we offer a hassle-free pickup and delivery service, bringing the convenience of professional pet laundry right to your doorstep.

Wash, Dry, and Fold

Starting at $2.99 a load

At our pet laundry mat, we offer a convenient and reliable wash, dry, and fold service to keep your pets' laundry clean, fresh, and hassle-free.

Ironing and Pressing

$5 a Load

At our pet laundry mat, we go the extra mile to ensure your pets' clothing reflects their impeccable style. Experience the difference of our professional ironing and pressing services, leaving your pets looking sharp, sophisticated, and ready to strut their stuff.

Walking and Drop in Visit

$20 per Visit

At our pet laundry mat, we also provide a 30 minute Walk for you pets and 20 minute Drop in Visit.


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